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How to prepare your holiday-stress free

Holidays are meant to be a time of relaxation and enjoyment, but we all know how stressful planning can be. 

Here are a few helpful hints to assist you in planning your next holiday:


A very important step when planning a holiday is to choose a destination. Depending on if you are traveling with friends or your family, think of places that you would like to stay and that would be suitable for whomever you are traveling with. Think of what you want to do while on your holiday (ski, hike, lounge at the beach).


Before you book your holiday decide on a budget. Take into consideration the cost of travel for plane tickets or driving, hotel or holiday rental cost, fees for activities such as museums or attractions, meals, travel insurance, etc.

Research and Itinerary

Do a little research on your holiday destination of choice. Look at reviews to hear others experiences and have a better understanding of what to expect for a holiday in this location. Reviews are also a good way to learn of activities to available at the destination. Still take time to research activities of interest to you and begin to plan your itinerary for your stay. You do not need to be extremely detailed in your itinerary, just jot down a few museumsbeachessporting events, or outdoor activities you would like to participate in.

Deals and packages

Especially if you are on a budget, look for ways to save money while on holiday by booking a holiday rental. This is a great option if traveling with another family. This allows you to split the cost and be able to enjoy a spacious stay. Holiday rentals usually have kitchens as well, which provides the opportunity to cook meals which can be more cost effective than eating at restaurants for every meal.  Also if flying, buy your tickets early and don’t hesitate to use low-cost airlines.

Book your holiday

Once you have decided where you would like to go, have researched it out, and found a place fitting for your holiday with plenty of activities, book your holiday! Double check that the dates for you holiday all line up. Make sure the airline tickets, other transportation tickets, and hotel or holiday rental dates all match and the attractions you would like to see are open during your planned stay as well.

One last suggestion to avoid stressful packing: write down a list of what you need to pack to be sure you bring everything you need.

Once your holiday is booked, take a deep breath, and let the anticipation begin!


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