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Going on holiday with a pet

You love your pet and you do not plan to separate with your little friend during your vacation. How to prepare to take it with you and to spend a peaceful holiday?

Find the right accommodation and prepare your holiday

All accommodations do not accept pets; therefore you must begin by looking for a place to stay or a holiday rental which will also accept your little friend. This information is usually indicated on the accommodation description. Please note that you have to respect certain rules in some resorts or camping site (pets on a leash, tattooed …).
With regards to the accommodations which allow them, make sure your pet is vaccinated first, before your departure. The health booklet may be requested, do not forget it! Another point to keep in mind: insurance. In case your pet damages your holiday accommodation, do not forget to make arrangements to be covered. In order to do this, contact your insurance company before you go.

Make arrangements for a successful trip

If you go by car, ideally install your dog at the back and if possible separated from the driver by a grid or mesh. Stop regularly (every two hours) to let him enjoy some fresh air and to hydrate. If you take your cat, install it in a cage at the back or attach it to a harness that clip on the belt. Above all, do not let it free of move in the car! And of course, never leave your pet in the car in the sun …
By train, for a dog less than 10 pounds or a cat in a travel bag, the price is usually between 5 to 10£. For a large dog on a leash and muzzled you will have to pay a half-price ticket. Finally, and most importantly, make sure you do not disturb your neighbors with your pet!

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