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Tips for a great and cheap weekend break

The trend among travelers is a short stay. So why waiting any longer for your holiday when you can escape for a couple of days? Have a break! Your budget is tight? Here are some tips for enjoying a cheap and cheerful weekend break!

Shorter stays but more often

The main advantage of a weekend break, i.e. 1 to 3 nights, is first to benefit from attractive prices during the low season. It’s also ideal to relax because you will avoid the crowd and the horde of tourists at the same time! A short stay allows smaller budgets to have fun without breaking the bank and most of all it is positive for the morale: taking regular breaks in our daily life is seen as a mini-holiday by both children and adults!

Choose a destination 3 hours (max) from home

Going away but not too far is one of the secrets for a perfect weekend break. You will discover some places you would never have expected and you could enjoy a sunbath not so far from home. In practice the destination must be 3 hours away for a short stay so that you won’t waste too much time. The less you spend traveling, the more you get for relaxing!

An apartment for the price of a hotel room

By seeking holiday rentals instead of a hotel for your accommodation, you can enjoy more space and more freedom during your stay. For the same budget, just choose an apartment with a sea view or a stay in the heart of the city!

Book your stay at the last minute

For a cheap weekend break, you can find amazing last minute offers; great destinations for cheaper prices. This plan is perfect for stays planned at the last moment!

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