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Going on a Holiday: Reasons it’s best to choose a holiday rental!

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Today, there are more accommodations than ever before for your holiday. Hotels, rental apartments, a house, a cottage in France, camping, a camper; the possibilities are endless! So what’s the difference between them all? Budget, comfort, lifestyle, accommodating your needs and expectations… We will help make your choice easy.

Holiday: the most economical way

The first advantage of a holiday rental is the cost. Booking a holiday rental can be up to 40% cheaper than a hotel. Also, when traveling with larger numbers or in a group the cost is reduced as you share the price of housing. In addition, a holiday rental location offers more space for your family!

Unlike a hotel, when you rent you have access to your own kitchen. Whether you want to have breakfast, afternoon tea, or make a home cooked dinner, it is all possible and cost effective with a holiday rental. You can eat what you enjoy and will usually find all the equipment you need as opposed to having to spend extra money to have a hotel room or suite with a kitchen.

Unique Accommodations

Instead of a conventional and impersonal hotel room, you can spend your holiday at a unique and personalized location. As you stay at a real home that belongs to someone, you will find it furnished with its own character.  Welcome to your “second home!” You can relax and make yourself comfortable.

Usually located in a neighborhood, renting gives you the opportunity to meet local people and experience the local culture and lifestyle. Invite your neighbors to have a drink; they will be the first to give you advice on the local culture, customs, and gastronomy! This would be more difficult to do if you chose a hotel.

It should also be noted that when you rent, some owners allow you to have a pet during your stay, but not all, so be sure to check before you rent!


By renting an apartment, you can choose a good location: in the center of the city, at the beach, or in the quiet backcountry. Whichever you prefer, you can choose your neighborhood! Often hotels are concentrated in the same tourist areas, while apartment rentals offer you greater variety.

A perfect family holiday

Holiday rentals are ideal for a family holiday in France or Spain. Holiday rentals are family friendly and you can find accommodations for children without being overcharged. Parents and children also have their own rooms instead of being packed into a hotel room.

Don’t wait to make the right choice for your next holiday!


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