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Gastronomic holidays in Spain: the best cuisine

It is well known, the Spanish love to eat! The local cuisine is very diverse, and you will enjoy different dishes from the Spanish Basque Country, Andalusia, and the Balearic Islands. We know for a successful holiday it must be accompanied by good food, so here’s some explanation for delicious foods on your holiday!

The kitchen of the world famous Spanish Basque Country

If you are not allergic to garlic, you will appreciate the Pil-Pil, a tasty sauce made of garlic, which goes well with trays of seafood and fish. You cannot escape the famous fish in Basque (cousin of the famous chicken, the same name), and in another style the Piperade a dish that resembles the Basque colors with green peppers tomatoes, eggs, and ham in the form of an omelet.

The specialties of the Mediterranean coast

Catalonia to Andalusia, the stars of the table are fish and shellfish, accompanied by vegetables sprinkled with olive oil. You can also try zarzuela, seafood tomato sauce, flavored with saffron but also the original and famous paella. For dessert, do not miss the Catalan cream, a local version of crème brûlée ! Now, you just have to choose which destination/cuisine will be yours for your next holidays in Spain !

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