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The Alps : new destination in Poplidays

Located between Paris and the French Riviera on the borders of Switzerland and Italy, the Alps are home to numerous parks and exceptional sites such as Mont Blanc and the Gorges de l’ Ardèche. It is also a paradise for winter sports with an abundance of ski resorts.

The ski resorts of Megève

Megève is located in the heart of Mount Blanc. The ski area has plenty of snow and a unique winter setting. This large resort has hundreds of kilometers of slopes in the area of Evasion Mount Blanc!

Throughout your day you will find slopes with magnificent views of the area and the historical and typical farms on nearby mountains. Enjoy the view from all angles of Mont Blanc and its firs.

The area is ideal for family skiing with many snow parks children will love!

For free riders, you will find several blank spaces waiting to be carved out.

Hikes: places of interest

If skiing and the chill mountain air doesn’t leave you breathless the views of Mont Blanc from the side of Megève will! The sites are awesome!

Circus Cote 2000 and Aiguilles Croches located above the village of Megève is preserved land that will give you a sense of natural and genuine beauty.


Winter is synonymous with raclette (cheese made from cow’s milk), tartifiettes (potato dish with bacon, onion, and melted cheese), and good white wine with the taste of local produce from the mountain. The Alps are known for its ancient cheese tradition. Taste the famous cheeses of the Alps which include; Beauort, la tome des bauges or Reblochon!


The Alps offer you many holiday accommodations: hotels, holiday houses, guest house, and more.

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