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Discover the Christmas traditions in Spain

Bored with the Christmas pudding? This year you would like to go abroad to another country to discover new traditions? Celebrating Christmas in Spain, is what you need. In family, in couple or with friends, start planning your trip by looking for an accommodation. If you want to visit Catalonia and Andalusia, then don’t miss the special offers in order to enjoy perfect Christmas holidays into the sun.

Spend Christmas in Spain with your kids

Like everywhere else, Christmas in Spain is synonymous with family celebration. The day of the « Nochebuena », everyone gathers around a good meal usually composed of seafood, fish, lamb or turkey. Turrón, polvorón and marzipan are also recipes to absolutely try. Christmas Mass, also called the Rooster Mass, is among the traditions. Spanish kids don’t send their letters to Santa Claus but to the Magi. On January 5, in Spain, the “cavalcade” is the parade of the Kings. It is only the next day that children receive gifts “made” by Melchior, Caspar and Balthazar.

During your sunny Christmas holiday,there, you can also visit some famous monuments, taste the local food, admire the diversity of landscapes and learn about the culture…
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