Tips for holidays in couples

Going on holiday with a pet

You love your pet and you do not plan to separate with your little friend during your vacation. How to prepare to take it with you and to spend a peaceful holiday?

Find the right accommodation and prepare your holiday

All accommodations do not accept pets; therefore you must begin by looking for a place to stay or a holiday rental which will also accept your little friend. This information is usually indicated on the accommodation description. Please note that you have to respect certain rules in some resorts or camping site (pets on a leash, tattooed …).

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Why choose Poplidays for your next holidays?

Looking for a holiday rental but you don’t know where to look? Today Internet offers a wide range of solution but it’s difficult to differentiate each of them. Poplidays brings together experts from tourism, e-commerce and vacation rentals to bring a tailored made solution to the market, combining a large choice of rentals, the security offered by professionals, a reliable and innovative system, and a unique dedicated service!

Holiday rental in total confidence


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Relaxing while on holidays

You are a workaholic and you cannot « slow down » even during your holidays?
If a break is good for your well-being, your will also feel at work so you will be more effective when you return! To avoid a « burn out », here are some tips to let yourself go during your next vacation.

Plan ahead your trip

A successful stay starts with a good preparation: plan ahead your holidays to relax more when you will get there!


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Beach holidays: take a break into the sun!

With friends, in family or just with your loved one, what could be more relaxing than sunbathing on a beach lulled by the sound of the sea? For the next summer holidays, you can already prepare your getaway and find your beach holiday rental.

Choosing the right beach holiday for unforgettable moments

Whether you need to relax, to recharge your batteries or simply to unwind, you must first find the right place. To find THE beach holiday rentalrental where you will feel perfectly well, you must do it soon enough.


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Traveling while pregnant: what you should know before you go

You are expecting a happy event and everything is messed up in your body and in your head. You want to take a short break to find a bit of serenity. Swimming and walking on the sand would do to you the greatest good? Why not rent a villa or a flat in the Balearics to relax, for example. But you have been told that traveling pregnant can be risky? Actually everything depends on the progress of your pregnancy and your health.

A trip pregnant: yes, respecting certain conditions


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How to avoid sunburn during your next holiday

We all love spending time in the sand and sun during our holiday, but no one wants to get burnt. A holiday can quickly go south if you get sun burn during the first few days of your holiday or even at the end. No one wants to go home with a painful red mark announcing to the world that you spent too much time in the sun. (suite…)

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Our tips for reducing your holiday budget

Have a tight budget, but you’re not ready to give up your holiday? With good organization, you can significantly reduce your expenses and enjoy your stay. No need to give up on this precious moment with family or friends: here are our tips to reduce your expenses during your holiday!


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