You are currently viewing Brittany: a mix of authenticity and mystery

Brittany: a mix of authenticity and mystery

Brittany is located in western France on the Atlantic coast. It contains five major places of beauty: the Cotes d’Armor, Finistère, Ille-et-Vilaine, Loire-Atlantique, and Morbihan. Its oceanic climate and wild nature makes Brittany a changing and dramatic landscape in every season. Discover the famous sights of this incredible area!

The iconic sites of Brittany

Ploumanac’h is a seaside resort on the Côtes d’Armor. It is particularly known for its pink granite rocks, some of which are said to be 300 million years old. Spread over 25 hectares, the view of this natural site will leave you breathless.

Josselin is an impressive castle you will enjoy exploring. Take a moment to relax as you stroll through the narrow streets of this charming small town and discover its character.

La pointe du Raz is a spectacular site located in the westernmost tip of France. The view is incredible overlooking the island of Sein. Classified as a “Grand National Site” of France it is more than 70 meters high. A must see during your holiday stay!

Unique Attractions

Station Pénestin has over 10 sandy beaches. Specially known for its tan cliffs, the beach of the Gold Mine is a spectacle in its own right. South of the beach you will find cliff houses tucked in pretty quiet coves.

The Islands

Relax and enjoy your holiday as you marvel at the hidden gems of Breton island.

Be transported on a journey to prehistoric times as you explore Gavrinis. An art monument Le cairn de Gavrinis is a blend of stone and sand. We recommend you take a guide who can explain to you the history of the famous stones and their drawings as you explore.

Roscoff is situated on a peninsula and is worth a visit. With pretty houses and a typical gothic church this small town is nicknamed “the Breton prosperity.” Fifteen minutes by boat will take you to the Island of Batz. Discover its beautiful coastal paths. You are assured to have a calm adventure.

The Gulf of Morbihan

The Gulf of Morbihan (“little sea” in Brenton) is closed by the peninsula Rhuys leaving a narrow passage accessing the sea.  Here you can find a golf course, changing landscapes such as: beaches, rocks, and salt, and you are sure to discover some of the nearly 150,000 birds in the area.

One thing is certain; your holiday in Brittany will be one that amazes you!

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