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Holiday in Corsica between the beach and the mountains.

Calvi is located northwest of Corsica. Its location is near the mountains, yet is also close to the sea. It is an ideal place for hiking and relaxation and is accompanied by a pleasant climate all year round. Calvi is the perfect holiday with a mixture of French elegance and the Italian sun!

The beaches of Calvi in Corsica

The white sandy beach of Calvi covers 5 km of shoreline offering a calm and relaxing setting. If you love relaxation or perhaps are a diving enthusiast, the purity of Calvi’s waters will be a delightful holiday for you. For the family, the beach of pinède is located close to the marina. A monitored and suitable location, you can enjoy a relaxing afternoon with your children. The unsupervised beaches of Agentella and Revellata are known for their idyllic surroundings located between the mountains and the sea; a quiet and romantic place to spend your French holiday. Also be sure to explore the beach of Ferajola beside the bay of Crovani or enjoy the turquoise waters of Alga beach!

Beach Activities

One thing is certain: your children will not get bored on the beaches of Calvi during your French holiday! They will be kept busy with the opportunity to surf, jetski, fly a kite, build sand castles, or go sailing, whichever they prefer!

Calvi is one of the most favorable regions in Corsica to practice scuba diving as well. The bay has a unique array of flora and fauna: grab a mask and snorkel and start exploring!

Off the coast of Revellata, you can also admire canyons, wrecks, and underwater faults!

Calvi and its monuments

The Génoise Cathedral dates back to the thirteenth century and is an excellent place to visit during your stay in Calvi. Perched on the heights of the city, its earthy tones and blue background provides breathtaking views. Take the opportunity to stroll through the narrow charming streets of the city.

Get your fill of fresh and local produce at the various markets around the city!

You can’t forget to visit the birthplace of Christopher Columbus as well! Indeed, the famous navigator was born in Calvi on the street corner of Del Fino and des tisserands.

Holiday accommodations offered in Calvi include hotels, campsites, and holiday rentals for all prices!

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