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Holidays for halloween : escape and make it a long weekend!

All Saints is a Catholic holiday in honor of all the saints. Saints one day before All Souls Day (November 2), is not a holiday. A number of French benefit from having the first off to visit the graves of their loved ones. November is also a time to visit and discover some of the ideal destinations in France. Here are a few of our ideas for your next holiday.

This year November falls on a Friday, which gives you the opportunity to enjoy a long weekend and take a few days off.

The Basque Country:  A beautiful late season

The month of November is generally perceived as a transition month; the end of summer and beginning of winter. It is especially a period of autumn as the weather is still warm, the beaches are less crowded and ideal for walkers or an afternoon reading a book in the soft sand and listening to the methodical sound of the waves coming in. Stroll along the Corniche, the famous road that runs from Ciboure to Hendaye. For the occasion, traffic is closed for two days for you to discover the beauty of this cliff facing the sea and the breath taking views.

For dining, this is a time for chipiron (squid) which is usually cooked a la plancha.

This is also the season where we harvest the Piment d’Espelette, a party is held for the legendary spice Espelette. You have the opportunity to taste regional products and spend time with the locals.

The French Riviera: a mild climate for November

With mild temperatures, the French Riviera has become very attractive during the month of November. The opportunity to enjoy long walks on the beach on foot, bicycle, or even horse creates a peaceful and relaxed setting! All accompanied by a breakfast on the harbor overlooking the Mediterranean, an enjoyable holiday is sure to be had. Stroll along the vineyards to discover the wine, lose yourself in the fields, and stop to smell the olives. For dining, November is the month of the Monte-Carlo Food lounge. An authentic taste is guaranteed!

Capitals: Paris and Madrid

One thing is certain, the capital never sleeps! Madrid to Paris, their doors are always open. You can wander along the Seine River in Paris, walk “Retiro” park Madrid, and visit museums or see a show at the theater in both cities!

Gastronomy in Madrid is known for its many tapas mixing modern and traditional flavors and customs. Stop by the terrace to share a moment of good food and good company with your family or friends!

If a country is well known for its gastronomy France is certainly one of them and Paris is one of the iconic cities of France not only known for fashion, but its food as well! Nickname the small gourmet planet; come in, sit down, and beginning your meal with bread and wine on your table!

No matter your holiday destination, escape and enjoy your November holiday weekend!

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