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Discover unmissable places when you stay in Marbella

Marbella. This Andalusian town is located on the Mediterranean coast and enjoys sunshine, a significant benefits for your holiday. Popular for its beaches, Marbella also has a rich heritage to see. Wondering what activities you might participate in during a stay in Marbella? We have some ideas for your next stay.

What to bring for your getaway to Marbella?

In summer, pack light clothing, flip flops, and if you plan to visit a casino, take a formal dress. In Marbella temperatures are often mild, but a pull is still needed if you go on vacation in winter.

What to visit when staying in Marbella?

In Marbella, you can treat yourself to whatever your favorite hobby is. For those who dream of sun, sand, and warm sea air, several beaches are available to you including de la Fontanilla and Bajadilla. Streets with whitewashed buildings and lime; flowered balconies and multiple witnesses to the past of the city are found in the historic center. From the house of correction for mayor (monuments of the sixteenth century) through the Bazàn hospital (current Museum of Contemporary Spanish Engraving), a nice ride awaits you. Evidence of Roman occupation are seen in Marbella, including the Roman Villa Río Verde and the Roman baths of Guadalmina . During your stay Marbella, you can also indulge in various water sports, such as scuba diving, windsurfing, water skiing…

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