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Christmas: A unique holiday celebration!

The holiday season is quickly approaching and Christmas 2013 will soon be greeting us with moments of feasting, merriment, and celebration to share with family. Several days before December 25, the towns and villages of France take on a festive air. The facades are decorated, the trees have taken place on the main squares, and the houses and trees are covered with Christmas lights. Listen to the sounds of the seasons as songs dedicated to this event are played in the snow covered streets and cries of joy fill the air… This is a great time to discover a new destination and make the most of your Christmas holidays!

Early in December families begin to prepare their Christmas tree. The Advent calendar hangs on the wall, gifts rest under the tree, and families begin preparing for the end of the year and Holiday season!

Christmas Eve is a unique time to gather with family around a good hearty meal. The meal usually consists of a Christmas turkey and ends with a log. Many delicious foods are prepared and enjoyed for Christmas which includes: chestnuts, ham, goose, oysters, or foie gras. After a nice Christmas meal and everyone is fast asleep Santa leaves gifts on under the tree Christmas Eve for the children to discover on Christmas morning.

The celebration of Christmas varies between countries, but also between regions. Even the name of Santa varies: Santa Claus, Snowman Christmas, Chalande father, father of January… and that’s just in France!

During your holidays in December, you can explore the Christmas markets. They are magical places at this time of year, usually located in the main squares of cities. Here you will have the opportunity to find unique gifts, enjoy the smell of gingerbread, and mulled wine while listening to the songs of the season… a joyous atmosphere!

The best known Christmas market in France is probably in Strasbourg. Dubbed the invincible it dates back from the Middle Ages!

For your children, the amusement park near Disneyland Paris is an ideal place to not only experience the magic of Disney, but the magic of Christmas as well!

And for the more energetic, enjoy a break in the outdoors and spend your holiday skiing.

Merry Christmas to All! 

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