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Celebrate the famous “Feria de Bayonne”

Inspired by the Pamplona celebrations, the « fêtes de Bayonne » are a true tradition and an integral part of the key events in the Southwest! Bull runs, fairground activities and many street entertainers mark these days.
We already know thedate of the « fêtes de Bayonne » in 2023. The festivities start on the 26th and will end on July 30. Ready?

In red and white ready for the “Feria de Bayonne”!

Since 1932, the “Feria de Bayonne” attract many “festayres”, as they are called. Corso, songs, concerts, masses, dances, sports… punctuate this colorful event. King Leo is the central character, in homage to Leon Dacharry, a sales clerk in the 50s. His court (composed of the lunatic, the marshal, and the chocolate maker among others), and some four meter tall giants join him at City Hall. You can listen to the bandas, refresh yourself in one of the bodegas, brandish the traditional cinta, discover the Basque dances… Thursday is the children’s day. They can participate to the Encierro Txiki, to the Choco-Yamboun and the Mega Picnic…

You want to discover the joys of five nights and four days of celebration, to attend the “Feria de Bayonne”? Consider booking a house or an apartment on site so you won’t miss the show.

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