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Take part in the celebration of the Espelette pepper!

If you have ever come to Basque Country, you certainly went through the famous village of Espelette. You’ve found there the traditional Basque colored shutters, the small narrow streets, and of course the Espelette pepper at every street corners…

The Espelette pepper: Basque Country gastronomic heritage

The Basque people have always been known to be brave sailors. One of them actually went discovering “the New World”, alongside Christopher Columbus, and brought back in Basque Country the famous chili, today unavoidable in the Basque cuisine. The Espelette pepper begins to bloom in June and fruits arrive quickly in the summer. Then they dry on the house walls, a unique show that you can find here!


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Celebrate the famous “Feria de Bayonne”

Inspired by the Pamplona celebrations, the « fêtes de Bayonne » are a true tradition and an integral part of the key events in the Southwest! Bull runs, fairground activities and many street entertainers mark these days.
We already know thedate of the « fêtes de Bayonne » in 2023. The festivities start on the 26th and will end on July 30. Ready?

In red and white ready for the “Feria de Bayonne”!


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